A bull, a rose, and a storm.

My earliest role model, Mr. Meacock, has died.

Dennis the Menace

The most poignant moment of my year occurred tonight in the Orlando airport as I slurped boxed wine from a pint glass while waiting for a delayed flight.

Dennis (“the Menace”, he humblebragged)–a drunken, bearded, thoroughly unmanicured tugboat deckhand from Kentucky (even I feel like I must be making this up), materialized near me and my colleague, Serena, as we stood quietly absorbing airport merlot during a thunderstorm.

Ridiculous Boyish Joy

Two and a half years ago, an old photo reminded me of a hike I’d taken outside Seattle with my family when I was 12.

From the first steps down the trail, I was determined to find a lake, river, creek, pothole, or watery hollow by any other name to jump into.

Dear Madame

Found my first, absurdly awkward attempt at an online dating profile, written in the form of a Nigerian scam email. My account was reported as hacked.